Our Daily Program


At Coosh, we aim to provide daily routines that meet the needs of individual children and to implement a balanced program that is stimulating, interesting and exciting.

This allows opportunities for children to play, explore and develop new skills and is appropriate to the developmental and leisure needs of the children. Whilst all children are encouraged to join in, they are allowed to choose which activities they would like to engage in and we value free play.

The monthly program can be viewed on the noticeboard at COOSH.

Afternoon Session

Below is typical of an afternoon session at COOSH:

3:00pm – Children’s names are marked off, daily announcements are made and afternoon tea is served. Tidy up time

4:00pm – Free play outside with some organised games or indoor craft activities

5:00pm – Back to the COOSH rooms for craft activities and free play

5:30pm – Pack up, children offered games such as Sleeping Rabbits, Pictionary, Musical Statues, uno or Television, Colouring etc

6:00pm – Centre closes

Weekly Program – Term 3, 2020
Weekly Program – Term 2, 2020