Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Concord Out of School Hours Care

At COOSH we believe that every child can reach their full potential in a caring, safe,
positive environment. We recognise the importance of social interactions for a child’s
evolution of self-identity and sense of belonging. As a result, we aim to stimulate learning
across different formats, helping children make sense of their social competencies by
encouraging engagement in meaningful play.

We acknowledge the paramount influences parents and families have on a child’s growth
and development particularly across middle childhood. We therefore encourage and
welcome parents and families to become actively involved in and participate in their child’s
out of hours school experience. We hope to assist with the involvement by providing
effective communication to families. At COOSH, we appreciate the diversity of the school
community and the positive influence it has on all children’s development; therefore, we
are committed to ensuring that the unique values and beliefs of each child and family are
recognised and respected by all individuals at COOSH.

Our team of qualified and passionate educators each utilise their unique skills, knowledge
and abilities to plan and implement programs that provide appropriate play and leisure
opportunities that are meaningful to children in supporting their wellbeing, development
and learning whilst also ensuring a high level of duty of care is provided for all of the
children at all times. Our educators encourage and recognise the importance of being
placed on collaborative play whilst retaining each child’s independence.


Reviewed September 2019