07 May 2016

No Jab No Pay update – Child Care Providers to be aware of child care payments ceasing on 30 April

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No Jab No Pay update – Child Care Providers to be aware of child care payments ceasing on 30 April

As you are probably aware, families were given from 1 January until 18 March (or a later date if previously notified by the Department of Human Services) to meet the No Jab No Pay immunisation requirements to keep receiving their Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR). Those parents who did not take steps to meet the requirements will no longer receive child care payments from 2 May 2016.

Due to the rise in the number of children vaccinated over the past few months, there was a delay in processing vaccination records, with some states and territories needing extra time to update the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). Centrelink uses the information on the ACIR to determine an individual’s eligibility for CCB and CCR.

As the delay was beyond the parent’s control and may have resulted in their child’s information not being up-to-date, child care payments continued to be paid until 30 April to allow time for the ACIR to be updated. Parents who did not intend on vaccinating their child were advised to ask the Department of Human Services to stop their child care payments straight away, to avoid incurring a debt.

On 2 May, however, the Department of Human Services will undertake analysis to determine who had met the immunisation requirements by the 18 March deadline. Those who had not done so will lose child care eligibility for each child who did not meet the requirements, and may have to repay any child care payments they received between 18 March and 30 April.

The Department of Human Services will notify parents if they have been overpaid child care fee assistance.

New online resource for early childhood and child care services

Early childhood and child care educators will now find it easier to access professional development materials through a new online resource Hub.

Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham launched the Early Childhood Resource Hub, which provides access to over 300 digital resources, including articles, videos, forums, all linked to the National Quality Framework (NQF).

The Hub is great news for child care educators to find quick and easy access to information on the NQF in one simple place.

Resources on the Hub will help to support educators in their educational programming and professional practice.

The Hub is a valuable tool to assist educators developing and implementing quality improvement plans and tackling specific issues, such as the application of learning frameworks, parental engagement and supporting children with specific needs.

For further information and to access the Hub, visit www.ecrh.edu.au


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